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Are you searching for the perfect photographer for your
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Are you searching for a Corporate Incentive Travel Photographer with a unique blend of photojournalistic and artistic portrait styles.

Over the past 12 years, while working as a wedding photographer, I gained extensive travel experience with over 50 Destination Weddings shot in countries outside the US. This experience is very similar in it's application to the job of incentive travel photographer. My experience in transporting gear, dealing with electricity problems in third world countries, and running a business while on the road is all essential to the travel photographer. I also have a very portable gear that allows me to travel quickly and shoot for days without access to computers or other electrical connections when necessary.

This experience is priceless when it comes to capturing the natural, un-posed story of your trip as it unfolds.

Relevant work experience

Prior to working as a photographer, I worked in the Outdoor Recreation Department for the City of Eugene (Oregon) where I led trips backpacking, canoeing, hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, and four years as a rafting guide. I have a I have a B.S. in Secondary Science Education. I worked two years at an outdoor environmental education school in Texas. I also worked 8 years part time as a substitute teacher in Oregon.

As an Incentive Travel Photographer, I bring an outgoing personality that can easily blend in with any group, as well as the leadership skills to manage groups situations if needed.

In my wedding work, you will see that I prefer to shoot mostly in a journalistic style to capture events and emotions at they actually take place, instead of just asking people to look at the camera and smile.

I normally travel and shoot by myself, but I do have several associate photographers that can be available to accompany me when shooting for larger groups.



Please visit my YouTube page to see samples of my work.


About Travel Shoots

I’m sure you are well aware of the fact that with a jobs outside the US, the main expense is in getting there and back. For me this involves a 4 day commitment at the very least. One travel day, a layover day which I use as a buffer in case there are airline or other unforeseeable delays, the shoot day, and then the return trip. I do not charge for anything but food and hotel expenses on the layover day.

The following is an approximate price quote that will fit most international jobs.


$800 - $1700 airline ticket
$700 (two travel days @ $350/day)
$??? (minimum three nights in hotel)
$200 Meals ( minimum 4 days @$50/day)

For 1 day, the photography rate is $1500.
For 2-4 days, the photography rate is $850/day.
For 10+ days, the photography rate is $750/day.


I will take shots of the resort, the beach, the locals, and I'll shoot journalistic style images of your group enjoying themselves around the resort. If you have any activities planned, I will go along and shoot photos of that as well. If these activities require additional days I would be happy to stay longer for a day rate of $750/day (plus food and hotel expenses). The relatively low cost of an extra day or two would add tremendously to the quality and quantity of images in the set.

Finished Products

Book: After the trip I can put all the best images into a book format and deliver the finished book to the client within 60 days. The greatest advantage of the books is that they can contain many more images than what you would be get by simply purchasing prints.

Slideshow: The best 200 images can be used for an online slideshow in HD video format that will play at resolutions up to 1920. This video is then uploaded to YouTube and anyone in the world can watch it from their own computer.

You can see many examples of these slideshows on my YouTube channel.

That same slideshow could also be used in DVD format or as an mp4 file that can be loaded onto an iPod or iPhone.

For $125 per couple (minimum 25) I would produce a hard cover book with all the images, burn the full resolution (printable) images to DVD, put the images into DVD movie format as a slideshow (with music) which could be played on any TV or computer. That same slideshow will also be output into .mp4 format which is easily imported into iTunes and then onto any iPod or iPhone with video capability.

Each client would get a hardcover book, and a DVD containing printable images as well as all these forms of the slideshow.

I can also create a custom package including books, prints, video slideshows, and many other products.

I look forward to working with you on your next corporate adventure.



Glen Johnson


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