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Greece, Santorini, Mykonos, Oia, Fira, Athens wedding photographer

Are you searching for an english speaking destination wedding
photographer to meet you in Santorini, Athens, Mykonos or other parts of Greece?

Destination wedding photographer Glen Johnson travels regularly for weddings in Greece, Santorini, Mykonos
and the surrounding islands.


Slideshows from Santorini weddings...

  Lisa & Roger    Wendy & Michael


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Images from Oia, Santorini Island, Greece


Santorini wedding photos
santorini oia wedding photographer on Mykonos

I've had the pleasure of visiting Greece three different times now to shoot the weddings in the town of Oia (pronouned Eea) on Santorini island. Greece is truly a beautiful country with lots unspoiled coastline dotted with quaint little fishing villages, and beautuful mountains as well. The mountain villages are my favorite. I've never seen a people that lived so simply and in so much natural beauty. Seeing it makes me sad to think of what we "modern" people have traded for our technological lifestyle.

I love getting to the island of Santorini or Mykonos by taking the ferry from Athens which only costs about 77 euro per person. You arrive on Santorini and then catch the shuttle bus to Fira, and then on to Oia. Oia is the classic Santorini town that you see in pictures and postcards of the area. White and blue are pretty much the only colors which must make it very easy to keep paint stocked at the local hardware store. The buildings are constructed almost entirely with rock and cement and almost all of them have the classic domed roof with a coating of bright white paint. The walkways are paved with Marble as are many streets and walkways throughout Greece. The main part of town is very touristy but contrary to most tourist areas, there is actually a wide variety of materials for sale in the shops. By far the highest concentration is on local jewelry products, many of them are replicas of ancient greek artifacts. If you're in the market for a gold piece that will really stand out when you wear it in the states, Greece is a great place to find such a treasure. However, the prices are not what you would call cheap by any standards. In fact, I would say that in general, nothing in Greece is cheap except the food you find at local (non tourist) food markets. The conversion to Euros makes everything more expensive for Americans.

If you want to plan a wedding for this area I can reccomend Sunset villas (in Oia) for your guests, as well as several small places that rent rooms in Finikia which is just a 10 minute walk away from the cliffs of Oia. The cliffside dwellings all rent for various amounts from about $100 Euros per night and up. In Finikia, you can find very comfortable and extremely cute little places for about 40-50 Euros per night.

This slideshow is from a 2011 wedding on Santorini

2006   samples of Santorini wedding photography.  
2007   more Santorini wedding photography.  

2007 slideshow  slideshow from our wanderings around Greece and Santorini

Cosmo Bride did a beautiful story on one of these weddings.

Santorini Resources

Shirley Chiarolanziois a wonderful wedding coordinator that lives in Fira (on Santorini). I've seen her in action at two different weddings and both events were very well orchestrated. I've placed a copy of her price sheet here for you to view. She offers a full range of services and she knows all the locals for hair, flowers, food, etc, etc. I'm also offering a discount of 150 euro if you book the two of us together. See the pricelist for details. You can see Shirley throwing flowers in some of the ceremony shots in my slideshows.

 Sea Captain's House is a beautiful and very romantic place to stay

www.santorini-secrets.com will help find lots of details about the area.

greece wedding photo

I do have a suggestion for a hotel in Santorini that will save you some serious money. It's not the fanciest of places but it is right in the heart of things. I've stayed there every time I've ever been to Santorini and I wouldn't consider any other place. It's called Oia Sunset and the manager is a very friendly guy named Panos. The location is perfect. As you pull into the central courtyard in Oia where the busses unload, the hotel is just about 40 yards up the hill. It does not have the cliffside view. The rooms are very nice and simple and as you will see in the photos on the website, each room has a fairly private deck. One room seems to have a rooftop deck that would overlook the caldera side of town so you might make an early request for that room. Walking to the cliffside area is about 2 minutes and Panos is happy to tell you all about the good places to go and what to see. I highly reccomend this place if you want to save some cash. Seems like I've paid roughly 75 euros per night in the fall. I think most of the caldera view places charge 200 euros and more per night.

Finikia is another often overlooked place to stay. I personally find it extremely charming since it is where all the locals live and it still retains much more of the "real" Greece feeling as compared to the very "touristy" places along the cliffside. This is where I go to find most of the locations in the photos on my slideshows.

You can get hair and makeup done by Peter at Hair and Soul Salon...

Most people have the wedding night dinner at a wonderful restaurant called Ambrosia which I highly reccomend...

If you talk to Peter or Panos, please tell them Glen says Hello!

Good luck with the planning and I hope some of this helps.

Oia santorini wedding photography



Contact:    541-729-9256    -or-   grj (at) aperturephotographics.com



My name is Glen and I've been a full time wedding photographer for the past twelve years, during which time I've shot well over 200 weddings. I live in a beautiful place called the Willamette Valley, in Central Oregon. From that home base, I travel the world shooting weddings for Eugene Oregon Wedding Photographer Glen Johnsonclients that care deeply about having their wedding day captured as a story, told by an artist. I just recently completed my 58th Destination wedding outside the continental US.

I absolutely LOVE what I do. I love meeting new people, making beautiful art with cameras and computers, and traveling around the world.

I often find myself in some beautiful or exotic location and I'll stop, take a long look around, and think to myself, "I'm the luckiest person in the universe for having found this profession."

My style...  is to shoot quietly and unobtrusively in the background throughout most of the day, and then work with you to create dramatic and unusual environmental portraits when we've got a few minutes alone. My greatest compliment is when a bride looks through the photos and says, "I didn't even know you were there when that happened."

Your style...  is bold, fun loving, adventurous and totally in love with your new partner. You appreciate photography as an art and you want an outgoing, friendly photographer that you feel comfortable hanging out with. You don't want to worry about being embarrased by an egotistical photographer who tries to take over your day. You're not looking for the cheapest photographer - you're look for quality and expect it to cost more because it's the best. Finding a photographer who can tell a story with a camera is of the highest priority to you. You shudder at the thought of seeing your own faces in the cheesy wedding photos that are so typical these days. You want a large collection of natural, unstaged images that capture a moment, and all together, they tell the story of your day.

Some advice...  You are almost certainly a new bride or groom just venturing into the confusion of shopping photographers for your wedding. I've talked with hundreds of people in that place and I've personally seen enough weddings that I think I can provide some advice for you!

First of all, when you interview a photographer, perhaps the single most important thing to know is that it's very easy for new or moderate quality photographers to buy a website that makes them look as good as the really great photographers - at first glance.

The thing to remember is that most photographers will pick out their favorite 20 images from each wedding and show those on their website, but that should leave you wondering what the heck they were doing for the rest of the wedding day.

You need to know that any beginner can get 20 good shots during a 10 hour wedding day and that is NOT something to brag about.

So don't ask a photographer to "Show me your best picture."

What you should be asking them to do, is.... "Tell me a story." And believe me, there is a HUGE difference between the photographers that can get 20 decent shots, and those that can get the hundreds of great images it takes to tell the whole story of a wedding day.

More advice... Here are some more detailed things you should know about shopping photographers...

The slideshows below tell stories. Each show may contain over a hundred images but this is still only a small selection of the images taken at that wedding, and I hope you'll agree that each show tells the story of the day.

I hope that someday I have the pleasure of working with you, to capture your story.


These slideshows are from Oregon weddings.
For best viewing, turn on your speakers and set each video to play full screen at 1080.



Contact:    541-729-9256    -or-   grj (at) aperturephotographics.com


View More Video Slideshows from Other Weddings - each one tells a new story.


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I've been a full time wedding photographer, since 2000.

During that time I've shot over 300 weddings, with 58 of those being in other countries outside the US.

BOWP logoIn 2010 I was invited to become a founding member of an association called
Best of Wedding Photography. This is a gathering of the best wedding photographers on the planet. Membership is free, but it is by invitation only and there are less than 500 members worldwide. I was also invited to be an official board member for this organization. So now I am one of 8 Internationally know photographers on the board who are responsible for providing guidance about the formation of the organization, and also for actually interviewing other photographers around the world to decide who gets invited into the organization.







The following are emails I received from some
of my Santorini wedding couples.


Dear Glen,

Roger and I want to sincerely thank you for the lovely photos you took for our wedding. The pictures came out beautifully, and our family and friends tease us that we look like we are in a brochure for Santorini. It was wonderful to spend the day with you roaming from Oia to Finikia, and capturing moments which we will cherish forever. And we love that the photos did not come across staged, that you were so open to our ideas, and that you gave us a very fair price. Actually, looking at the quality of the finished photos, we think it might have been a steal! So many of the pictures came out well, that it was really difficult to narrow them down for the slide show we showed to our family and friends.

Quite serendipitously, everything came together perfectly, far better than we could have imagined. The day before, we arranged for the cake and flowers, and found the balcony location for the ceremony. I bought my dresses (from Naeem Khan and Vera Wang) at sample sales—the first dresses I saw, probably about a month before, and Roger bought his duds at discount stores a week before our flight. So, our wedding photography was what we splurged on, but we felt it was well worth it to preserve our beautiful memories.

After being together for 14 years and attending several weddings, we wanted our wedding to be a little bit different, a private ceremony in which we professed our promises of love. It was very un-formulaic, but romantic, with just the two of us. It made for lots of laughs and tears. So, thank you so much for being our only witnesses to our vows (and, thank you, Amelie, for reminding Roger that the ring goes on his left hand, not his right!). While our family and friends weren’t there, we feel that, through your pictures, we were able to bring our wedding to them --- the emotions and love from our ceremony, as well as the breathtaking beauty of Santorini.

It was great working with both of you. Hopefully we will get published in Cosmo Bride Australia!

Have a happy holiday and a wonderful new year!

Best wishes,

Lisa Toledo and Roger Lee

From : Toy, Wendy
Sent : Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dear Glen,

I just wanted to thank you again for coming out to Greece to take our wedding pictures.

I was a little afraid to book a photographer on-line without meeting them and was afraid since the wedding was all the way in Greece but the minute I saw your website and your pictures, I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted you to take our wedding pictures.

The pictures that you have posted on your website are already beautiful but when I saw ours, I was really blown away and realized just how lucky we were that we were able to book you with your busy schedule. You really did an amazing job of capturing us and capturing the true beauty of Santorini!

What we really liked the most about you, is that you took the time to research different areas to find the places that you thought would be a good and creative place to take our pictures. We also loved that you were so easy and great to work with you. You made us feel at ease and therefore, we were able to relax, have fun and be ourselves, which is reflected in our pictures.

The dedication that you put in your work and with your clients is evident in the quality of your pictures. We will always cherish our time and memories in Greece and thanks to you, all we have to do is look at our pictures and it's like we're there all over again. I can't say enough about how great our pictures turned out and neither can all of the people that I have sent our pictures to. I hope that everyone who comes across your website will be smart enough to book you as fast as they can....they will be very thankful they did because we are!

Thanks for everything Glen and thanks for capturing this very special time in our lives in such a professional, creative and amazing way.

Wendy and Michael

By the way, here are a few of the emails responses from people I have sent the pictures to:

From: Roberson, Dayna
We are all wowed over here. GORGEOUS...your hubby cleans up good! these are vogue magazine quality photos.

From: Sawall, Judy
Oh my God! These photos are absolutely gorgeous. Did you take the photographer with you to Greece? He did a wonderful job on your wedding pictures. Judy

From: Gehlen, Mary
Wendy, WOW. I have never seen wedding photos like these before, except maybe in a magazine.
Most impressive to say the least. Thanks for sharing them! - Mary



These images are from a Villa wedding on the island of Mykonos that I shot in May of 2011.

Mykonos Greece Villa wedding

Greece wedding

Mykonos Island Wedding Photographer

Mykonos Bride by windmills

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